What is a NPI and How Do You Get One?

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A National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a 10-digit numerical identifier for health-care providers. It has a national reach and is specific to the provider. Previously, a provider had a unique identification number for each payer; however, beginning May 23, 2007, a provider has a single identifier that is used by all payers.

The number is not a “wise” number, in the sense that it lacks intellect (e.g., a phone number is intelligent because starting with area code provides some indication of location).

What is the purpose of NPI?

The NPI is a unique identification number that the federal government will assign to health-care providers. Its goal is to boost the health-care system’s productivity while also reducing fraud and violence.

How to get NPI?

The National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) issues NPIs. An NPI can be obtained in one of three ways:

  • Reach website https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov./
  • Through submitting a paper application to the body that will be assigning the NPI (the Enumerator). On https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov, a copy of the document, including the Enumerator’s mailing address, is accessible. You may also request a copy from the Enumerator, Fox Systems. The toll-free number is 1-800-465-3203, and the TTY number is 1-800-692-2326.
  • You can send an application in an electronic file via a third-party organization to whom you have given your permission. This could mean that a professional organization or your employer could request an electronic file containing your details as well as the information of other health care providers.
What is a NPI and How Do You Get One

NPI registry Lookup

NPIdb.org allows you to perform NPI registry Lookup of doctors & various medical entities for their unique NPI number. An NPI is a unique identifier that can be found on the internet. Visit websites such as www.npinumberlookup.org to search the entire NPI database. The new NPI information given by individuals and organizations is regularly updated in these websites.